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Verjuice Liqueur NV

Verjuice Liqueur NV

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OVERVIEW This Verjuice, Vertjus or green juice was made from very early picked Riesling grapes from our Eden Valley vineyards. This style of Verjuice is unique to the modern genre. The key preservative and a major flavour contributor is grape alcohol.

COLOUR Pale yellow, this will develop rich golden notes in time, especially when exposed to air.

AROMA The nose shows the zesty citrus of Riesling and the warm complexity of the grape spirit, expect these to develop lemon butter, toast and dried flower notes in time.

TASTE The palate is complex, with many flavour pathways. Sweetness, acidity, spirit warmth and the vibrancy of cool climate Riesling blend together.

ALCOHOL 16.5% CHEFS COMMENTS The alcohol is removed when heated.